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Our Story

Kyochon is the best quality chicken brand from Korea with the average of 150,000 consumers daily. Kyochon opened its first store in 1991 in Gumi - South Korea and has grown to about 1000 store worldwide. We have expanded globally to USA, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.

Kyochon Chicken has grown as the leader in chicken industry, not only in Korea but also in other countries. Kyochon customers love our unique Korean taste, quality and service. Over the years, Kyochon has been awarded as The Best Brand for 11 consecutive years by Korean Consumer Forum. We are also selected as the best chicken wings in New York by NBC New York.

Not only Kyochon makes delicious but also nutritious food. We use only fresh and the best natural ingredients, which are safe for customers’ health. Kyochon chickens contain no MSG and are cooked only with Canola Oil which contains no transfat. The secret of the No. 1 taste in Korea is a result from the quality and persistence of Kyochon to impress not only the eyes and taste buds but also reach into the bodies and souls of our consumers.

Kyochon hopes that everyone around the world can enjoy our healthy and delicious chicken.

We will keep our three promises without fail!

- We will not make fast food!
- We will use only the most natural ingredients!
- We will make healthy chicken with sincerity!

We will continue to create greater surprises and happiness to our customers around the world.